Ole' One Eye

Yellow Submarine

Yesterday for the first time in years I sat down and watched Yellow Submarine, my former favorite film (not that I hate it now or anything, I just no longer have a single favorite film). There was a period of about a year in my teens where I would watch it once a week. But I suppose that was a different time in my life. It was also the first time I'd seen the 'Hey Bulldog' scene, good but not necessarily plot important, though to be fair about five vital plot point happen in the film. Watching this film always brings out nostalgia for me, both for my youth and for a decade I never lived through (at least in this lifetime). It's thematically quite simple ('conformity is bad'), but the story is more clean for it. And there is quite nice point about how The Revolution will/has not come about through bullets, but by changing peoples minds and with music. (Hey, I'm a pacifist, I have to believe in the power of idealism.)

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