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101 Cult Movies You Must See Before You Die, the first 10

I heartily recommend Steven Jay Schneider's 101 Cult Movies You Must See Before You Die. This is a list of the first 10 that I created to enable viewing. Note that I have only preliminarily tested these links, some may not play the whole film, others may be in violation of copyright.

1.Un Chien Andalou

Reefer Madness

3.Sullivan’s Travels

4.Out of the Past

5.Sunset Boulevard

6.Night of the Hunter

7.Rebel Without a Cause

8.The Blob

9.Plan 9 from Outer Space

10.Jazz on a Summer's Day
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NSW 2015 Election standing parties

Given I have to vote in the NSW election this weekend, I thought I'd sit down and figure out who everyone is. I hope this might help some other people too, feel free to share.

Definitions used below include:
"Liberal" means left-wing, supporting social equality and egalitarianism.
"Conservative" means right-wing, supporting social hierarchy and opposing radical social changes. The Liberal Party is conservative.
(Yes, the left-right spectrum doesn't cover every possibility.)
A "single issue party" is a party formed around one issue, or a collection of closely related issues. Their policies on broader matters are often unclear.

Legislative Council List
Details below.
Group A:No Land Tax Campaign
Group B:Outdoor Recreation Party
Group C:Animal Justice Party
Group D:former Palmer United Party
Group E:Coalition
Group F:Australian Motorist Party
Group G:Building Australia Party
Group H:Strata Party
Group I:No Parking Meters Party
Group J:
Group K:Labor Party
Group L:Voluntary Euthanasia Party
Group M:Future Party
Group N:Shooters and Fishers Party
Group O:Socialist Alliance
Group P:IndePendents
Group Q:Christian Democratic Party
Group R:Fishing Party
Group S:Greens
Group T:Democrats
Group U:Independents for Reconcile Australia
Group V:The Country Party
Group W:
Group X:Australian Cyclists Party

Animal Justice Party
Group C
Single issue animal rights party. Other policies unclear.

Wikipedia entry
Official webpage

Australian Cyclists Party
Group X
Single-issue cyclists activist party. Other policy platforms emphasise individual freedoms, and diversity.

Wikipedia entry
Official webpage

Australian Motorist Party
Group F
Single-issue motorists activist party. Other policies unclear.

Wikipedia entry
Official webpage

Building Australia Party
Group G
Single issue building industry advocacy.

Wikipedia entry
Official webpage

Christian Democratic Party
Group Q
Fred Nile's very conservative "Christian" group.

Wikipedia entry
Official webpage

Group E
Centre conservative alliance. Current state and federal government.

Coalition Wikipedia entry
Liberals Wikipedia entry
Nationals Wikipedia entry
Liberals Official webpage
Nationals Official webpage

Group V (The Country Party)
Group V
Conservative rural advocacy party.

Official webpage

Group T
Centre left party. Formerly strong in the senate.

Wikipedia entry
Official webpage

Fishing Party
Group R
Single issue recreational fishers advocacy. Reportedly environmentalist.

Wikipedia entry

Group M (Future Party)
Group M
Futurist party. Advocating sweeping liberal reforms.

Wikipedia entry
Official webpage

Group S
Environmentalist, liberal party.

Wikipedia entry
Official webpage

Group P (IndePendents)
Group P
A collection of independents with a variety of policies.

Official webpage

Group U (Independents for Reconcile Australia)
Group U

Official handout

Labor Party
Group K
Centre liberal party. Current state and federal opposition.

Wikipedia entry
Official webpage

No Land Tax Campaign
Group A
Single issue anti-land tax party. Other policies unclear.

Wikipedia entry

No Parking Meters Party
Group I
Single issue anti-minor tax party. Some registration problems.

Wikipedia entry

Outdoor Recreation Party
Group B
Conservative party particularly focused on unrestricted 4WD access to national parks. Also known as "Stop the Greens."

Wikipedia entry
Official webpage

Group D (former Palmer United Party)
Group D
Conservative centre group. Precise policies unclear. Group here is headed by a former Palmer United senator, but is not currently associated.

Shooters and Fishers Party
Group N
Conservative party particularly focused on gun-rights and global-warming scepticism.

Wikipedia entry
Official webpage

Group H (Strata Party)
Group H
Single issue tenants & landlords party.

Official webpage

Voluntary Euthanasia Party
Group L
Single issue party advocating the right of euthanasia.

Wikipedia entry
Official webpage

Socialist Alliance
Group O
Very liberal party advocating socialism.

Wikipedia entry
Official webpage

Ungrouped Candidates:

PJ Collins - http://www.artsparty.org

Stuart Baanstra - in 2011, exposed himself as a Nudist Party candidate.

Ramsay Nuthall - http://passionatelymoderate.com.au/about-ramsay-nuthall

Jane Ward - looks like http://www.southsydneyherald.com.au/jane-ward-independent-candidate-for-sydney/

Anthony Craig - https://twitter.com/justicehealth Former DLP candidate.

Gordon Crisp - an article here http://www.westernadvocate.com.au/story/2889811/poll-dance-crisp-seeks-an-upper-house-seat/

Sal Scevola - https://twitter.com/salscevola

Alain Brix-Nielsen - http://www.brix-nielsen.com/

David Ash - https://twitter.com/davidash18

David Chen - seems to be www.kmt-sydney.org.au/

Geoff Cox - https://www.facebook.com/electgeoffcox

Much thanks to trish1975, Wikipedia, and the A.E.C.
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The Library

Today I began to digest The Great Book of Amber, tomorrow I will face the challenge of Cap'n Crunch cereal. Both these facts are best understood in the context of The Library.
The Library is how I (at some point began to mentally) refer to my odd little collection of books. The Library grows by odd obsession, serendipity and footnote. The Library is my greatest and most defining physical possession, with all the buttressing, delimitation and samudaya that implies. The Library is my contribution to the preservation of literature, Fahrenheit 451 style, but were the democratic republic of Earth to choose, say, 10% of its books to be preserved forever, little to none of The Library would be chosen, which pleases me in a contrarian kind of way. The Library defines much of the intellectual content of my day.
This last point brings me, in a roundabout way, back to the two days I described. The Great Book of Amber is a book I have longed for, in the way I often do. Names and faces both fail me, but an obscure and intriguing book lights a fire that seeks. Now that it is in my Library I consume it happily. This raises the question as to whether these seeking flames imply that The Library is not something that can be finished and read within my lifetime, if it is in fact endless. The fine details of that concern are a matter for a later time.
Cap'n Crunch is something I have desired to experience since first encountering the passage within Cryptonomicon describing its elegant perversity. I am both excited and nervous.
The Library defines much of the intellectual content of my day.
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False Time Season 2008

False Time Season is here again.

Once again Andrew's sleep patterns and head have been messed up by having to pretend it's a different time of day. This is my principal problem with this time of year, not just the artifice, but the fact that industrialism drags us further away from the rhythms of nature, and leaves certain people (like myself) reeling.

But, never let it be said that I formulated an unthinking opinion, so I have started reading Seize the Daylight a history of daylight savings. Perhaps I will change my mind. That said, we're one week in and I'm still feeling out of whack.

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Crying on the inside

Lil' Miss Evil isn't talking to me. This happens sometimes, but this feels like a particularly bad one. Now I don't know what's happening, I'm scared and confused.
I could describe the particular issues involved, but I'm not sure they would help your understanding of the situation, and have no desire to prove myself right. I have made mistakes, I regret, I am changing. And if these things made any difference I would repeat them a thousand times over. But this doesn't seem to be about the issues anymore.
She has a style of arguing I am still trying to understand. Things build up, points that at some times are almost irrelevant to her, will, at other times, crush the figurative camel, and I discover problems that have been lurking for weeks in the dark. I think I disagree with this way of doing things, but, once again, that doesn't help me in any way, shape or form.
I truly love her, so deep it almost scares me. The good times are really good, but the bad times are really bad. And I know that every relationship has some darkness, some bad years, I just wish I could see the light ahead.
So I've tried everything I know how to do to fix the situation, and now I have to give her space, which is something I'm really bad at.
I went to work today and pretended I'm a functional human being. I'm a big believer in the virtue of occasional psychological compartmentalisation, but today was really hard. It's days like this that I really hate working in customer service. I feel like I have to wear a brittle shell of joy so I can interact with the customers, when inside I just want to kneel down and scream and scream and scream and cry. I was just glad I didn't have a register, I got to spend the day cleaning. Cleaning is satisfying, I get to spend eight hours scrubbing and wiping and sanitising, and end the day physically exhausted, without having to think or feel at all.
There was a clown at the airport today. Making balloon animals and handing out lollipops. Now, I love clowns. But today I could only think of the great clown that Lil' Miss Evil organised for my birthday. She can be so thoughtful and caring. God, I love her so much.
Whatever happens, I'm glad of the love.
I'm going to stop now, before I start feeling the pain again.

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(no subject)

Tomorrow is my new graphic novel day. I've been reading one graphic novel a week.

Last week was The Frank Book. Surreal, with a disturbing edge of near-comprehensibility. I really enjoyed it.

Now I long list to choose from, I've enjoyed getting backed up:
The House of Secrets 1
Hellblazer 2: The Devil you know
Promethea book 3(reread: I've read it before, but not my copy)
Fables 5: The Mean Seasons(reread)
The Un-Men 1: Get your freak on
Booster Gold 1
Bonus points to anyone who can figure out the character that ties together half of the above. HintCollapse )

My beloved Lil' Miss Evil has selected House of Secrets from the above, I'm looking forward to it.

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Yellow Submarine (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow_Submarine_(film))

Yesterday for the first time in years I sat down and watched Yellow Submarine, my former favorite film (not that I hate it now or anything, I just no longer have a single favorite film). There was a period of about a year in my teens where I would watch it once a week. But I suppose that was a different time in my life. It was also the first time I'd seen the 'Hey Bulldog' scene, good but not necessarily plot important, though to be fair about five vital plot point happen in the film. Watching this film always brings out nostalgia for me, both for my youth and for a decade I never lived through (at least in this lifetime). It's thematically quite simple ('conformity is bad'), but the story is more clean for it. And there is quite nice point about how The Revolution will/has not come about through bullets, but by changing peoples minds and with music. (Hey, I'm a pacifist, I have to believe in the power of idealism.)

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