Ole' One Eye

The Library

Today I began to digest The Great Book of Amber, tomorrow I will face the challenge of Cap'n Crunch cereal. Both these facts are best understood in the context of The Library.
The Library is how I (at some point began to mentally) refer to my odd little collection of books. The Library grows by odd obsession, serendipity and footnote. The Library is my greatest and most defining physical possession, with all the buttressing, delimitation and samudaya that implies. The Library is my contribution to the preservation of literature, Fahrenheit 451 style, but were the democratic republic of Earth to choose, say, 10% of its books to be preserved forever, little to none of The Library would be chosen, which pleases me in a contrarian kind of way. The Library defines much of the intellectual content of my day.
This last point brings me, in a roundabout way, back to the two days I described. The Great Book of Amber is a book I have longed for, in the way I often do. Names and faces both fail me, but an obscure and intriguing book lights a fire that seeks. Now that it is in my Library I consume it happily. This raises the question as to whether these seeking flames imply that The Library is not something that can be finished and read within my lifetime, if it is in fact endless. The fine details of that concern are a matter for a later time.
Cap'n Crunch is something I have desired to experience since first encountering the passage within Cryptonomicon describing its elegant perversity. I am both excited and nervous.
The Library defines much of the intellectual content of my day.